Adult Day Health Services


Please call Cindy Barcellos at (978) 851-3121

Please call Jodi Gibeley at (781) 598-4570

Please call Maureen Gulino at (508) 482-7222

Please call Marjorie Helger at (508) 997-7787
Our program enables each participant to keep living independently and safely. This program offers family caregivers the opportunity to keep working and have peace of mind that your loved one is in a safe and stimulating environment. Medical professionals are overwhelmingly endorsing and promoting these programs. The Adult Day Health Centers serve private paying individuals as well as contracting with Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, Blue Cross and select managed care providers.
This program is designed and developed to meet the increasing health care needs of the elderly. As experienced providers, we offer a team of professionals who are capable of meeting the medical, nursing, therapeutic, social, and recreational needs of each participant. Centers differ in the degree of social activities and medical supervision they provide. Some programs are more social, offering an opportunity for elders to meet others and participate in recreational activities. Others are medically oriented and offer therapies, medication management, and medical supervision. All of our centers offer door to door transportation to and from programs.

We also offer specialized Alzheimer’s care, which includes specific activities and a therapeutic recreation program for those with memory impairments. By providing a safe environment for seniors with Alzheimer’s, without the stigma of separation from others, our participants enjoy a full day specifically designed for their needs.

If you are currently responsible for the care of an elderly loved one, please take advantage of this highly successful program and call for a confidential screening. We would be delighted to arrange a visit for you.